FORiT’s Digital Marketing Incubation Program is officially launched. Do you know the Covid19 pandemic has accelerated companies’ digital strategy by an average of 7 years? Wait no further! Let’s supercharge your marketing by getting in touch with us or visitFORiT's DX

Our digital marketing incubation program is for corporations who realized the needs of transformation and are striving to:

  1. ✓ Achieve digital independence
  2. ✓ Take full ownership of their digital assets
  3. ✓ Know exactly where their marketing dollars go
  4. ✓ Owning solid and sustainable capability & resources
  5. ✓ Achieve operational agility and make better marketing decisions
  6. ✓ Save millions by being ahead


FORiT Digital launched a 3-month SME Relief Program amid the pandemic. The relief program encompasses free website and campaign audit as well as free months of campaign management. In short, we made sure the SMEs are on the right track in the digital space. 21 SMEs are enriched during this period!