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Understand digital shift and supercharge your marketing!
Digital Incubation Program with FORiT Digital

Understand digital shift &
supercharge your marketing!
Digital Incubation Program with FORiT Digital

What is Digital Transformation(DX)?

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DX) is an overarching program to strengthen operational efficiency and deliver better value to customers through technology integration and cultural changes within an organization.
Don’t be overwhelmed! we’re not giving you a heavy read here.We are only discussing a smaller but vital component of the entire DX.
It is a necessary and pragmatic component that is somewhat often overlooked by organizations!

Let us share the rationale and how we help organizations!
吉澤竹晴 / Takeharu Yoshizawa
President, Full Speed Group
and CEO of FORiT

Digital transformation is a buzz word in recent years.  It has always been a gradual progress among organizations in adapting new technology but the key triggers of transformation in recent years are the proliferation of cloud solutions and AI-backed marteh.

With the unexpected pandemic everyone is experiencing this year, the need for company leaders to understand, and drive transformation is more urgent than ever.

In the context of digital marketing, transformation started in Japan about 4 years ago. Being a digital marketing and martech company, Full Speed group has been helping organizations and even individuals in transforming the way they do business and operate.

Digital Marketing Incubation

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