For it Digital. (“Forit”) respects your privacy to provide reliable services to all our customers and strives to protect your personal information under the following policies.

1. Definition of Personal Information
Personal information means information about a living individual and which is able to identify a specific individual by describing its name, date of birth, and other information (including information that can be easily compared with other information and which enables identification of a specific individual).
2. Collection and Use of Personal Information
  1. Collection of Personal Information

    Forit will identify the purpose of use as far as possible, announce or notify the purpose of use, and, as necessary, clarify the purpose of use, and manage the personal information of our customers in an appropriate and fair manner, limited to the extent necessary for the purpose of use. To provide services more smoothly on our website and our operating website, Forit may use Cookies or web beacons (“Cookies, etc.”). Cookies, etc. make it easier for customers to re-use our website or our operating website, by collecting small pieces of data sent from the website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. Cookies etc. are designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember useful information or to record the user's browsing activity to improve usability and functionality. Only sites that have established this system can read Cookies, etc.

    * Regarding the use of Cookies, etc. Forit uses Cookies, etc. to make our services more convenient and usable. Customer data collected by Cookies, etc. are used to analyze trends in customer viewing. Forit will use these materials only to the extent necessary to provide better services to our customers, and will not use them for any other purposes. Information gathered by Cookies, etc. will not identify any individual customer, but if a customer does not wish for such information to be gathered using our Cookies, etc. this can be configured in your internet browser settings. However, restricting the use of our Cookies, etc. may result in our services being limited to you somewhat and you may not be able to access the website that requires certification and may not be able to receive our full range of services.

  2. Behavioral Targeting Advertising

    Our website and our operating website use programs provided by advertising delivery companies and have established behavioral targeting advertising (an advertising method that distributes advertising in accordance with the interests of customers based on their website browsing information). In doing so, Forit uses Cookies, etc. to obtain information on the browsing history of customers. Customers wishing to override this advertising can access the advertising delivery company’s opt-out pages to override the use of Cookies, etc. within their browser settings on their PC etc.

  3. Use of Personal Information

    Forit will use personal information for the following purposes with respect to the provision of telecommunications services by our partners or us. The personal information owned by Forit will not be used outside the scope of the purposes unless permitted by applicable laws and regulations. Information on another person designated by a customer will be used only for purposes (i) and (vii) unless the other person gives consent.

  1. Provision of products and services, identity verification for change or suspension, billing of fees for the provision of products and services, and other ancillary services related to the provision of our services.
  2. Information on products and services to be provided.
  3. Research and development of new products and services.
  4. Development, operation and maintenance of site operating facilities and accompanying facilities.
  5. Marketing research and other research.
  6. Implementation of rewards and campaigns, etc.
  7. Response to requests for disclosure under applicable laws and regulations and other customer inquiries and consultations.
  8. Management of shareholders.
  9. Employment of employees and personnel management.
3. Secure Management of Personal Information
  1. Forit will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures to prevent any leakage, destruction, and damage of customer’s personal information.
  2. Forit will establish an internal system to prevent any unauthorized access to personal information, establish rules on information security, and provide employees with the necessary and appropriate education to ensure that they are thoroughly familiar with the handling of personal information.
  3. If outsourcing operations that handle personal information from customers to other companies are used, Forit shall only select those who handle personal information appropriately as the outsourcing partner, and shall execute agreements that require the outsourcing partner to appropriately manage personal information and shall supervise the outsourcing partner in an appropriate manner.
4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
  1. Forit will not provide or disclose personal information received from customers to third parties without a customer’s consent, except for permitted situations under applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Our operating sites include links to a number of external sites, but Forit does not share or provide personal information with such third parties. Please see the privacy policies of the linked sites for the purpose of collecting personal information at the linked sites.
5. Legal Compliance
Forit shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations on personal information.
6. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information
Under applicable personal information protection laws, our customers can request for disclosure, correction, or suspension of use of their personal information. Please refer to the following contact under section 8. for such procedures.
7. Complaints Related to the Handling of Personal Information
Regarding complaints from individuals regarding the handling of personal information please refer to the contact under section 8. below.
8. Contact for handling Personal Information
[Contact for inquiries on personal information]
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Forit may amend this privacy policy without notice from time to time. This amendment will be posted on our website. The post-amended privacy policy will apply to the use of our services offered after the amendment notice. Please check our website on a regular basis for updates.

Established on April 30,2020